Jeff's Original Rub and Texas Style Rub Master Formulas
Jeff's Original Rub and Texas Style Rub Master Formulas

Jeff's Original Rub and Texas Style Rub Master Formulas

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These are the master formulas, complete with full instructions, for making Jeff's rubs.

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Jeff’s Original Rub

Sweet with just a touch of spice, perfectly balanced and great on everything but really shines on pork and chicken. This rub is all about building bark on the outside of pork butts, ribs and anything where that delicious bark is desired.

This was my first rub and it not only makes the food taste amazing, it makes the food beautiful.

Jeff’s Texas Style Rub

Savory, Texas-style rub with absolutely no sugar or sweetener in sight! It’s well balanced with just a slight kick of spice and will take your briskets, tri-tips and almost any beef for that matter, over the top.

It’s also an all-around rub anytime you need a rub without sugar.

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