Welcome to the Smoking-Meat.com digital store where you can get the recipes for my my original rub and sauce as well as my new Texas style rub recipe.

I developed the recipes for my rub and sauce several years ago, intending to package them for local and online marketing.

However, because of the red tape involved with interstate sales of packaged food items (I am a very non-red-tape kind of guy), I decided to offer the recipes as a set through the website and leave it at that for now.

That is like Colonel Sanders offering to sell you his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices!

I worked on these rub and sauce recipes for several years in an effort to create recipes that surpassed AMAZING, adding a smidgen of this and a dash of that until they became PERFECT!

I have tested these recipes on people from just about everywhere--Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas City, and even across the globe, and I always get the same response: “These are the best ribs I have ever eaten!”

You will love them too and not only that, but, you'll feel good about supporting the website, the forum and the smoking meat newsletter.

By the way.. they are not just good on ribs! The rub and sauce is amazing on beef, pork, poultry and even fish and seafood.

promise you’ll love my dry rub/seasoning recipe and my barbecue sauce recipe or you don’t pay!

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