About Smoking-Meat.com

What can I say… I am just a guy who loves to smoke meat and decided one day to share what little bit I know on the web.

12 years later and we are, for 11 years running, the number one smoking meat site in the world bar none!

Look up “smoking meat” in google and we are the number 1 result.

The smoking meat newsletter has over 300,000 subscribers at the time of this writing and is growing rapidly.

The smoking meat forums has over 90,000 members and too many posts to even keep up with. It is an exciting place to hang out and if you have questions, someone has an answer and usually within minutes.

The smoking-meat.com website is large and in charge and we owe it all to the support of folks like you.

My recipes, which I spent more than 6 years developing, are the best you will find anywhere in the world and best of all, the money from those sales is what keeps this huge ball rolling and growing.

I sell my two excellent recipes for only $18.95 and if you wonder if they are worth it.. they certainly are! Just ask anyone who has purchased them and they will tell you to not delay.. buy today.

If you really want to check that out, just register at the forum and do a quick search on Jeff’s rub or Jeff’s recipes and you will find hundreds of folks who are singing the praises of my recipes. We also have over 1000 reviews on the sales page for your reading pleasure.

This website together with the forum is changing the way the world eats. Leave the fast food behind and experience slow food at it’s best with a flavor that will knock your socks off!

Welcome to Smoking Meat!!

Best Regards,

Jeff Phillips