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Jeffs Rub Recipe and Sauce Recipe

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Product Description

The amazing recipes for my rub and my sauce allows you to mix these up at home using common ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Both the rub recipe and the sauce recipe are a perfect blend of sweet and spicy and great on everything including:

Ribs - Brisket - Pulled Pork - Chicken - Turkey - Tri-tip - Pork Chops - Beef Jerky - Lamb - Trout - Salmon - Tilapia - Shrimp - Potatoes - Lots more!

The rub recipe calls for a very small amount of salt which means you can use as much as you like without worrying about the end product being too salty.

This order also includes my "Texas style" rub recipe which is savory without the sweet aspects.

You will be able to see all of the files and download the ones that you want once you purchase. 

Watch for an email with a "Download Files" link in it.

It can take up to 30 minutes for the email to arrive but usually it's a lot faster than that.



For a limited time, when you order the recipes for my rub and sauce, I will give you the PDF version of the Smoking Basics ecourse absolutely FREE (a $3.99 value)!


A Little History on the Famous Top Secret Recipes

I developed these recipes several years ago, intending to package them for local and online marketing.

However, because of the red tape involved with interstate sales of packaged food items (I am a very non-red-tape kind of guy), I decided to offer the recipes as a set through the website and leave it at that.

That is like Colonel Sanders offering to sell you his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices!

I worked on these rub and sauce recipes for several years in an effort to create recipes that surpassed AMAZING, adding a smidgen of this and a dash of that until they became PERFECT!

I have tested these recipes on people from just about everywhere–Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas City, and even across the globe, and I always get the same response:

“These are the best ribs I have ever eaten!”

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Product Reviews

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  1. worked perfectly with your smoked meatloaf logs this weekend!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2014

    I received the smoked meatloaf logs recipe and cooked it in the smoker this weekend. Sauce was the perfect sweet on the front with a little heat on the backside. Run was used very liberally and was very good. I'm looking forward to leftovers tonight and the rest of the week!

  2. Thank You Jeff!

    Posted by Rick on 27th Jul 2014

    Not everyone would get there sauce recipe out the way you have. Thank you. I made your sauce and had it warm with the family for dinner and everyone loved it. The sauce is kind of addictive. Everyone kept adding more on their chicken. I will have to make more soon and double or triple the batch. Great sauce buy recipe now.

  3. Great Smoking rub, and all around seasoning!

    Posted by Rich on 27th Jul 2014

    I was making up my third batch of rub, and the wife was just finishing some eggs and roast beef hash. I looked at the rub, and then the hash. When I started to sprinkle some rub on my eggs and hash the wife asked if I was crazy, and I said I was just seasoning my meal. I am not going to say it was great, but it was very good, and will probably get tried on more dishes. As far as using it on smoking, Great! I will not use any other rub, but will adjust this recipe based on my desired out come.

  4. Definitely Worth the Cost!

    Posted by Dave on 24th Jul 2014

    When I told my wife I paid $18.00 for a rub and sauce recipe she flipped out saying she could have bought me an entire book of recipes for that amount. I made ribs that weekend for a party using Jeff's rub. Needless to say she's now on board. They were the best ribs I've ever made!

    Every time I've made ribs in the past I used a different recipe because, even though everyone else said they were good, I wasnt convinced. Now that I have this recipe I'll never have to look again.

  5. Awesome Rubs

    Posted by Ray Walrath on 22nd Jul 2014

    I made both rubs and they are great. I have not made the sauce yet but the recipe looks good. I used the rub to make the shrimp and cream cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers. They were excellent!

  6. Best ever combo

    Posted by Jim on 22nd Jul 2014

    After trying countless rubs and sauces over the years, Jeff 's is now our favorite. Even my wife said it is better than her recipe that she has worked on for years. We first used it on the pork steaks and baby Bella's. Guests said WOW! Nuff said.

  7. bbq sauce and a question

    Posted by Forest S Horner on 20th Jul 2014

    I made a batch of sauce from your recipe. It was great, however, I did modify it a bit. Heinz has a new catsup on the market, called Jalapeno catsup. I used one cup of that and one cup of regular. All else was the same. It worked.

  8. Once is all it took!

    Posted by Jim on 20th Jul 2014

    I have only used the rub and sauce one time and know after the compliments from 6 people and myself that both are really excellant. I smoked 3 slabs of baby backs and some country style ribs just as instructions say. Delicious from all and they liked the rub plain or with the sauce finishing out through cook. Also on the country ribs I used mustard base on 1/2 and honey on the other 1/2. The honey ones won hands. Will keep trying the recipes from Jeff as I'm a believer now.

  9. Very Good

    Posted by Ben on 17th Jul 2014

    The rubs and barbecue sauce are quite good. A excellent addition to my rub and sauce arsenal. Recommended.

  10. Best sauce I've ever had. The rub is good too.

    Posted by Tom on 14th Jul 2014

    I love the sauce. I'm diabetic so I'm going to try it with less sugar and molasses which should help keep my Blood sugar down. The rub is good but a little sweet for me. I'll try the Taxes rub next which should not be very sweet. Being a newbie to BBQ smoking these three recipes were very well worth it to me. The Smoking Basics ecourse was also very helpful. I recommend that everyone using a smoker get these recipes and Smoking Basics ecourse. It has helped me way more than the less than $20.00 it costs.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 286 | Next